Welcome to Phoenix Boys, the UK's most vibrant and inclusive, yet high achieving dance and performance company. We pride ourselves on instilling  the importance of three main ingredients for success:





We have something to offer anyone who has a true passion for dance and performing arts and all of our training is in place to support the amazing work being done by your regular dance and performing arts schools. Our training is strictly supplementary and success cannot be expected without the ongoing work that happens during regular training.


We have an excellent relationship with the teachers of our associate students and work together for the benefit of the students and their futures.


Through a combination of work ethic, excellent teachers and a burning desire to succeed in this industry, we believe that anything is possible.

We have seen students reach exceptional levels of success, both in securing places at further educational schools and in professional industry work.

Phoenix Boys gives passionate young male dancers the opportunity to further their training with exciting supplementary classes, workshops and opportunities in the comfort of an all male environment.​

With the influence of the media and television, more opportunities being made available to them and dance becoming more socially acceptable for males, more and more boys are wanting to dance.

Did you know that ballet as we know it today derived from King Louis XIV of France, a keen male dancer?



Whilst opportunities for boys in dance are expanding rapidly, we feel that there is still the need for an even bigger push to enable like-minded boys to get together and dance, sharing experiences that every female dancer in the world takes for granted.

We have spent many years researching male development and how boys learn differently to girls and our ethos and mission goes above and beyond to nurture young male dancers.


Boys often face difficulties with expressing their emotions and vocalising how they feel so use art forms to do so. Lots of boys are bullied or picked on for showing an interest in dance which massively inhibits their personal development, not only as a dancer but as a person. We aim to not only provide training and opportunities to male dancers, but to also educate them on dealing with the world around them and how to be comfortable in their own skin.


As male dancers ourselves, we know how valuable it is to experience working alongside other boys as opposed to being the only lad in the class. Many boys have never experienced the excitement of being in a class with even one other male, let alone a whole class. We're here to change that.


Boys learn in a totally different way to girls and to fully thrive need a male environment every now and again. This is their chance to step into that environment and experience what we can offer them. 

Our training is not about 'making boys dance like boys'. We give our male dancers the tools they need to make full use of their physical facility (which is obviously naturally very different to females) but we are not here to 'promote masculinity'. This is 2022 and the world is a very diverse place. Not all boys are the same. Not all girls are the same!


The environment we aim to provide is one of love, support, passion and of course hard work! 

"I can honestly say that I have never experienced a feeling like that before. Dance has always excited me but being with so many other boys made me realise just how much I loved it, and it was amazing to see other people that feel the same!"

"I've only ever danced with one other boy in a class so the Phoenix Boys workshop was the most amazing thing in the world for me!"

"Before I came to the workshop I was considering giving up dancing because of people picking on me. Being around so many boys just like me taught me that it was okay to dance as I love it and I now don't care what other people think".

"I've just walked past the door of your workshop and it made me so happy to see so many young males sharing the joy of dance. What an incredible idea!"