Starting from October, we are resuming our Phoenix Boys associates, alongside our brand new Academy Associates for boys and girls.




We are also offering additional classes for those wanting to do a bit extra. We have really focussed on trying to achieve an exciting stage school vibe for our new-look Sundays and we are very excited to meet all our new students!


We have decided to combine Manchester with Hartlepool and London with Birmingham for the first term. After Christmas we will assess how this has worked out and may add the four programmes back in.


Phoenix Boys Associates runs for three hours and includes the following classes:


* Ballet/Technique

* Jazz

* Lyrical/Contemporary


We are also offering additional classes which will vary each term including:


* Company Ballet Class

* Company Pas De Deux

* Commercial

* Private Singing Lessons

* Private Drama Lessons


Full timetable will be announced shortly so you will be able to get booked onto our additional classes and opportunities. Please note: private singing and drama will be very limited so please let us know ASAP if this is something you are interested in for your child.




























If you are a paid up associate you are welcome to attend both locations at no extra cost. This is actively encouraged as it doubles training time but not mandatory.



This year we are very excited to be providing our students with an eclectic mix of different teachers. Core teachers Simon, Jack, James and Josh are looking forward to welcoming singing teacher Michael Clifton on board as well as lots of guest teachers throughout the year. 



This year we ask that all students wear the required uniform. We believe that correct attire creates a feeling of professionalism and therefore enhances the experience. We will send the uniform list once it has been finalised to give you enough time to order it.



As well as having the chance to train with other passionate performers, we also offer additional opportunities throughout the academic year and school holidays. From concept videos to photo shoots, auditions to large scale performances, there's always something to keep everyone inspired!



If you've already paid up, we look forward to seeing you at the first session! If you are enquiring and would like to book a space, please reply to this email and let us know and then payment can be made via bacs using the following details:


Simon Hundley

ACC: 0052 5828

SORT: 07 08 06



£270.00 per year* (10 sessions)

*Additional classes paid separately





Spotlight Studios, Birmingham, B375TH



Centrepointe Studios, Manchester, M34 3SG


We are really excited for what looks to be an amazing year full of exciting things!


Please do get in touch if you have any queries.


Phoenix Boys gives passionate young male dancers the opportunity to further their training with exciting supplementary classes, workshops and

opportunities in the comfort of an all male environment.​

With the influence of the media and television, more opportunities being made available to them and dance becoming more socially acceptable for males,

more and more boys are wanting to dance.

Did you know that ballet as we know it today derived from

King Louis XIV of France, a keen male dancer?



Whilst opportunities for boys in dance are expanding rapidly, we feel that

there is still the need for an even bigger push to enable like-minded boys to get together and dance, sharing experiences that every female

dancer in the world takes for granted.

We have spent many years researching male development and how

boys learn differently to girls and our ethos and mission

goes above and beyond to nurture young male dancers.


Boys often face difficulties with expressing their emotions and vocalising how they feel so use art forms to do so. Lots of boys are bullied or picked

on for showing an interest in dance which massively inhibits their personal development, not only as a dancer but as a person. We aim to not only provide training and opportunities to male dancers, but to also educate them on dealing with the world around them and how to be comfortable in their own skin.


As male dancers ourselves, we know how valuable it is to experience working alongside other boys as opposed to being the only lad in the class.

Many boys have never experienced the excitement of being in a class

with even one other male, let alone a whole class. We're here to change that.


Boys learn in a totally different way to girls and to fully thrive need a male environment every now and again. This is their chance to step into

that environment and experience what we can offer them. 

Our training is not about 'making boys dance like boys'.

We give our male dancers the tools they need to make full use of their physical facility (which is obviously naturally very different to females) but we are not here to 'promote masculinity'. This is 2019 and the world is a very diverse place.

Not all boys are the same. Not all girls are the same!


The environment we aim to provide is one of love, support,

passion and of course hard work! 

"I can honestly say that I have never experienced a feeling like that before. Dance has always excited me but being with so many other boys made me realise just how much I loved it, and it was amazing to see other people that feel the same!"

"I've only ever danced with one other boy in a class so the Phoenix Boys workshop was the most amazing thing in the world for me!"

"Before I came to the workshop I was considering giving up dancing because of people picking on me. Being around so many boys just like me taught me that it was okay to dance as I love it and I now don't care what other people think".

"I've just walked past the door of your workshop and it made me so happy to see so many young males sharing the joy of dance. What an incredible idea!"