Want to get more boys into your studio?

Want to increase your revenue?

Want to provide better quality coaching for boys?

Want a more equal male/female environment?

If so, the Phoenix Boys SPARK PROGRAMME

is for you!

We are proud to be doing more for boys in dance and are very excited to launch our support network which we hope will encourage more boys into dance, keep more in dance and get more boys through your studio doors!


Think of your membership to the programme as having your own mini Phoenix Boys programme within your studio in addition to having access to extensive resources and a greater connection with/for the male dance community.

What we provide:

Signed up members get:


Access to our tried and tested methods, years of experience and collated information which has been proven to nurture hundreds of male dancers across the UK.

Advice and support on all things male dance! Our company is run exclusively by male dancers with years of experience in everything from training, the difficulties males face, how to overcome adversity and keep dancing and how some teachers could do more for their male students. Our faculty have spoken extensively on panel discussions and podcasts in both the UK and in America. We know how boys work!

Use of the official Phoenix Spark Programme logo on your website, social media platforms and advert artwork. 

Listing on our website and social media platforms as a provider of boys dance education.

Your own Phoenix Boys programme!


There is so much more to nurturing a male dancer than just expecting them to jump higher, turn quicker or take front centre as the featured role, and we want to help you which will consequently help make the male dance community an even stronger and more resilient place.

How to sign up...

If you're interested in signing up to the SPARK PROGRAMME and becoming a recognised Phoenix Boys centre of education, and want to take advantage of the huge benefits both to male dancers and your studio, please email us today.